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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Revisiting Melania Trump's Wedding Gown

Here is a prime example of a true Haute Couture gown.
As previously noted, "Couture" is used loosely for many bridal houses. It's used to depict "High End" or "Designer". Here's my issue with it. And yes, it's an issue that I've never gotten over, ever since my apprenticeship in Paris 10 years ago.

Couture in America means
6 yards of Duchess Satin
Embroidery or crystal beadwork done by hand in India or China
Dress sewn by an industrial sewing machine in 8 hours give or take, not sure about the beadwork since it's outsourced
3 half hour fittings
1 seamstress, 1 fitter
$5000.00 price range

Couture as in Melania's gown means
98 yards of Duchess Satin making the gown 50 lbs
Hand embroidery encrusted with over 1500 crystal  rhinestones done in the House of Christian Dior
Over 1000 hours of work, with additional 550 hours for applying the rhinestones
4 fittings, 4 hours each
About 28 seamstresses
Cost is around $2,000,000

See the comparison? It's like calling a Mitsubishi Eclipse a Lamborghini. Just doesn't make sense.

Vogue Photoshoot

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