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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Japan Tsunami Relief Fund Continued

Haute Couture topic is on hold: 
Continuing with the Japan Tsunami Relief Fund. I'm also building my website and below is some work in progress: 
How do I purchase jewelry that will go to the relief fund? 
Click here. 
I've gathered all photos of the jewelry onto this posting for your easy reference. Take a look below along with pricing. 

Why is one of your collections called After The Storm? 
This collection was inspired by a break up. It feels like a storm when I go through all the emotions that a person has in three days. After the third day, the sun came out and creative thoughts flowed through. By the way, it only took three days because it was only three months out of my entire life. 

What is the concept behind this? 
Not a new concept but nature. I picture a huge storm blowing the trees and the rain pouring onto the leaves. Once it ends, there's a stillness to it all... 
THEN, it hit me. After seeing all the news on Japan, I decided to hold a fund drive until April 14th, 2011. It really pushed me to make pieces, as the tsunami is Mother Nature calling, and bringing people together to help. 

I mean, this jewelry is RAW. It's right there, in front of you with no hidden meaning behind it. Nature is just like that. It can surprise you of its frailty and it becomes evident that the fragile aspect is the real strength. 

Why is the stainless steel collection called Wabi Sabi?
It is imperfect, impermanent and incomplete. I just want it this way. 

What are the materials? 
Metal and Stainless Steel. Stones and Crystal Charms.  Depends on the collection 

What is your style? 
I aim to be effortless. Throw on jeans, button down, and accessorize it without thinking about it. It might look good with army boots or stilettos. Just a suggestion. 

How do you describe your pieces? 
I want my jewelry to represent strength, resilience, with a balance of femininity and softness. You've gotta have the yin with the yang to have balance. Just like in relationships. 

What are your life goals? 
To do a few fights in Muay Thai before I transition into yoga and meditation. 
To design like a b*tch. I can't help it though. Visuals keep popping into my head no matter where I go, what I do - it's who I am. 
To grow spiritually so that I may feel more settled with the world and the factors that effect your equilibrium. 
To empower. Help women, children in impoverished countries as this is the reality of the world. 
To love. I mean really love... someone.. with passion, loyalty.. it's that deep powerful connection with another person that drives me to keep going. 

Better Photos Coming soon (I know I'm repeating myself but I'm just sayin... )


Letta : $45.00

KRYSTA: $40.00 (Mixed Media bracelet - sterling silver/metal/stone. Part of the Wabi Sabi Collection)

ASANA : SOLD! (Retouched by www.digital-ding.com) 


ARAN : $65.00 (retouched by www.digital-ding.com)



DANIE : $45.00

SIRI : $66.00 (Mixed media - metal and sterling) 


JADA : $48.00 (retouched by www.digital-ding.com)

Bena : SOLD!

Danica : $38.00 (www.digital-ding.com )

MARLOW : $102.00 (retouched by www.digital-ding.com )

STACIA : $130.00
Sage : $110.00 (retouched by www.digital-ding.com)
MAYLOR : $50.00


DELLA : $22.00
RAINA : $52.00
Clarisse : SOLD 

Monday, March 14, 2011

Japan Tsunami Relief Fund

I want to take a few days to concentrate on Japan.

The hardest part of being human for me is watching the human race destroy the human race... another difficult part is watching natural disasters. I know that it's nature and nothing can stop that. She will shift as she always has. It still breaks my heart to watch people pass on so quickly, unexpectedly.

I haven't done a photoshoot nor taken beautiful pictures of my jewelry and the website isn't set up. However, if you scroll down and take a look at my jewelry, the prices are listed below. If you'd like to purchase a piece, I'll donate 30% of net sales (shipping cost will be included until April 14th) to All Hands for the Japan Tsunami Relief fund between now until April 14th. Email me personally at minna@minnak.com and transactions will be done through Pay Pal. I'll follow up to let you know the donation has gone through. I'll also keep posting new jewelry until then.

On a postive note: Happy pi day. (it's 3.14 - I know, very nerdy but I love it. Wait until its 2015 - 3.1415)

Refunds are allowed up to 10 days once it's shipped, but I am not able to give back 100%. Total - 30% of donation - shipping cost - 10% restocking fee will need to be deducted from total. Damaged items that are shipped back will not be refunded so it's best to ship as it was originally packed. Thank you for understanding.  

Assessment Team Lands in Tokyo from All Hands Volunteers on Vimeo.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Chainmail NYC - More pieces

Okay, so I've got a few necklaces, bracelets in the posts below and here's one more. Think I should knit some scarves too.

Theme: After the Storm / Raina - $52.00

Lions and Films

I have no idea where Shawn is, he's a friend running around somewhere in Florida... I think. I received an email from him last week with a photo. That's it. Just a photo. Bizarre. I really like this photo so I think it is worth showing on my Haute Couture site. He also has a site in work of video footage - Film De Mode. The top one is in Brazil, the bottom left is Dominican Republic, and the rest are experimental and fashion. Anyway, he reads this blog so he might tell me to take this post off...


Chainmail NYC - bracelets

So I have my necklaces in the below post, and I've added a couple of bracelets. Better photos and website coming soon. 
THEME: After The Storm. 

Della - $25.00


Friday, March 11, 2011


I am praying for the people in Japan right now. My uncle actually lives out there and I am waiting for my parents to get back to me on this. If you would like to help,  best way is : Redcross txt 90999 to donate $10 or www.redcross.org or call 1-800-redcross.

I went out to all my friends who have family and friends in Japan.

I asked my friend Jonny if the Marc Jacobs store in Aoyama was okay - it was completed only recently, and he worked so hard in the details and development for this store under the architect firm, Stephan Jaklitsch Architects. He said it was okay since it's the northern part of Japan that was affected... I'm still sending my prayers...x

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Chainmail NYC

New jewelry pieces I'm making and designing. All handmade! Hey. I have to somehow relate to Haute Couture... Brand is called Chainmail NYC. Not affiliated with MinnaK, although it is designed by the same person.

It's different because I want it to be... there isn't a deep answer to that.

Website , more pieces and BETTER PHOTOS coming soon. I got excited. What can I say?

Theme: After the Storm / Name: Marlow / Price: $102.00

Theme: After the Storm/ Name: Sage/ Price: $110.00 
Theme: After the Storm / Name: Maylor / Price: $50.00

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I just returned from Shambhala Meditation Center, tonight's topic was "Waking Up In Chaos: On Leadership and Change". The speaker, Joseph Mauricio really made sense. So I thought I'd share Chanel's Fall 2011 Ready to Wear because the first thing that is mentioned in Style.com is Karl Lagerfeld's enlightened statement "The World Is  Dark Place".  Okay, I'm being sarcastic. I don't have too much of an opinion on this because I never categorize Chanel as being grunge. What do you think?

Yves Saint Laurent

I miss Paris. Cafe creme at a nearby cafe while experiencing the essence of Haute Couture. Spending hours on end chatting with friends with wine at a sidewalk cafe. The first experience I had of runway shows was in this beautiful city.

Check out YSL's RTW line here on Telegraph.co.uk. The creative director really kept this line in check.

Monday, March 7, 2011


Did you see the New York Times today? I came across this article and wanted to share. Aside from Haute Couture being one of the best things around, so are bespoke pieces, dressed head to toe in Vienna.

Jacket being fitted. This could be the 2nd fitting.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


In a previous post I talked briefly about my visit to the Balenciaga exhibition at the Spanish Institute here in NY. I mentioned that although Balenciaga was couture level, he was never a part of the Chambre. Anyway, here is Balenciaga today. I like what Nicolas Guesquiere is doing for it. The Fall 2011 line received tons of excellent reviews. As someone who likes more feminine silhouettes, this collection doesn't suit me. However, as someone who understands concept and innovation, this collection is pretty great. Does that make sense? Take a look at what Style.com has to say.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Christian Dior Ready To Wear 2011

Despite the controversial issues with Galliano's outward and inappropriate behavior, Christian Dior held its Fall 2011 RTW show today.

I think they did the right thing bringing out all the workers behind this collection at the end. It reminded me that the whole company isn't based on one messed (I actually wanted to use another word instead of messed up but decided against it) up person but it involves an entire group of dedicated, hard working people. Click here to view the collection on examiner.com

Photos by Getty Images

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Burberry and Safaris

So... I am posting this Fall 2011 Burberry RTW show because it reminds me of a Safari. That is my dream... my friend just wrote me an email today to say he is in Florida, picked up a tent and had a photo safari around there. He had his fashion photography equipment from Fashion Week here, so he decided to take pics. They are GORGEOUS. I wish I can show you but it's his... so now he's buying a boat and sailing it back to NY to live on.... yeah... such a crappy life.. just kidding Shawn. See you later this year and yes, Tortilla Flats and bingo sounds great. Hey... I love Haute Couture but I also love dives.
Below is the video of the show. Enjoy:

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

John Galliano video

It's true. I mean... what the f*ck? In case you didn't know, here's the video

I added this photo because it's a juxtaposition of what you will see if you click on the video.
Harper's Bazaar 2007