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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Japan Tsunami Relief Fund Continued

Haute Couture topic is on hold: 
Continuing with the Japan Tsunami Relief Fund. I'm also building my website and below is some work in progress: 
How do I purchase jewelry that will go to the relief fund? 
Click here. 
I've gathered all photos of the jewelry onto this posting for your easy reference. Take a look below along with pricing. 

Why is one of your collections called After The Storm? 
This collection was inspired by a break up. It feels like a storm when I go through all the emotions that a person has in three days. After the third day, the sun came out and creative thoughts flowed through. By the way, it only took three days because it was only three months out of my entire life. 

What is the concept behind this? 
Not a new concept but nature. I picture a huge storm blowing the trees and the rain pouring onto the leaves. Once it ends, there's a stillness to it all... 
THEN, it hit me. After seeing all the news on Japan, I decided to hold a fund drive until April 14th, 2011. It really pushed me to make pieces, as the tsunami is Mother Nature calling, and bringing people together to help. 

I mean, this jewelry is RAW. It's right there, in front of you with no hidden meaning behind it. Nature is just like that. It can surprise you of its frailty and it becomes evident that the fragile aspect is the real strength. 

Why is the stainless steel collection called Wabi Sabi?
It is imperfect, impermanent and incomplete. I just want it this way. 

What are the materials? 
Metal and Stainless Steel. Stones and Crystal Charms.  Depends on the collection 

What is your style? 
I aim to be effortless. Throw on jeans, button down, and accessorize it without thinking about it. It might look good with army boots or stilettos. Just a suggestion. 

How do you describe your pieces? 
I want my jewelry to represent strength, resilience, with a balance of femininity and softness. You've gotta have the yin with the yang to have balance. Just like in relationships. 

What are your life goals? 
To do a few fights in Muay Thai before I transition into yoga and meditation. 
To design like a b*tch. I can't help it though. Visuals keep popping into my head no matter where I go, what I do - it's who I am. 
To grow spiritually so that I may feel more settled with the world and the factors that effect your equilibrium. 
To empower. Help women, children in impoverished countries as this is the reality of the world. 
To love. I mean really love... someone.. with passion, loyalty.. it's that deep powerful connection with another person that drives me to keep going. 

Better Photos Coming soon (I know I'm repeating myself but I'm just sayin... )


Letta : $45.00

KRYSTA: $40.00 (Mixed Media bracelet - sterling silver/metal/stone. Part of the Wabi Sabi Collection)

ASANA : SOLD! (Retouched by www.digital-ding.com) 


ARAN : $65.00 (retouched by www.digital-ding.com)



DANIE : $45.00

SIRI : $66.00 (Mixed media - metal and sterling) 


JADA : $48.00 (retouched by www.digital-ding.com)

Bena : SOLD!

Danica : $38.00 (www.digital-ding.com )

MARLOW : $102.00 (retouched by www.digital-ding.com )

STACIA : $130.00
Sage : $110.00 (retouched by www.digital-ding.com)
MAYLOR : $50.00


DELLA : $22.00
RAINA : $52.00
Clarisse : SOLD 

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