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Monday, March 14, 2011

Japan Tsunami Relief Fund

I want to take a few days to concentrate on Japan.

The hardest part of being human for me is watching the human race destroy the human race... another difficult part is watching natural disasters. I know that it's nature and nothing can stop that. She will shift as she always has. It still breaks my heart to watch people pass on so quickly, unexpectedly.

I haven't done a photoshoot nor taken beautiful pictures of my jewelry and the website isn't set up. However, if you scroll down and take a look at my jewelry, the prices are listed below. If you'd like to purchase a piece, I'll donate 30% of net sales (shipping cost will be included until April 14th) to All Hands for the Japan Tsunami Relief fund between now until April 14th. Email me personally at minna@minnak.com and transactions will be done through Pay Pal. I'll follow up to let you know the donation has gone through. I'll also keep posting new jewelry until then.

On a postive note: Happy pi day. (it's 3.14 - I know, very nerdy but I love it. Wait until its 2015 - 3.1415)

Refunds are allowed up to 10 days once it's shipped, but I am not able to give back 100%. Total - 30% of donation - shipping cost - 10% restocking fee will need to be deducted from total. Damaged items that are shipped back will not be refunded so it's best to ship as it was originally packed. Thank you for understanding.  

Assessment Team Lands in Tokyo from All Hands Volunteers on Vimeo.

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