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Friday, September 9, 2011

Inspiration : Water

So I was supposed to go to a fashion show today, but I was inspired to make a dress. I think I was feeling a little removed from the fashion world today since this week-end is 9/11. I remember that day. I was in class at Parsons when our teacher announced in tears that we were under a terrorist attack. I looked out the window to see that both towers were gone. I called my parents on a pay phone to let them know I was okay, and thanked God that my good friend Christine was on a cruise instead of being in the towers that day. Anyway... I distanced myself from fashion during that time b/c it felt so vain compared to what was going on. Well.. I am sorta feelin' that again, except now I understand that I don't design out of vanity. I do it b/c it gives me peace. So here I am. Feeling inspired by an old piece of fabric, scraps from a bridesmaid dress. It moves like water. Hence, this dress is my "water" dress. I really hope I can wear it soon to something. Maybe a fashion show :)

Concept behind the dress : Make it one seam, no zipper. All points are placed there for a purpose. I really have a difficult time explaining in words. The feel of silk charmeuse combined with the color and movement reminded me of water. So I stayed with that thought.

hem is intentionally uneven

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