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Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Clients, Haute Couture: by Juergen Teller 1999

I wanted to know more about haute couture clients, since no one really knows who they are. Back during WWII, there were about 15,000 haute couture clients, and today there is only a handful, although the President of Chanel is saying there's a 30% increase all over the world. 

I came across this photo series by Jeurgen Teller, the photographer who does the Marc Jacob's ad campaigns. He shot these pics back in 1999 for W Magazine.  

Controversy lies in the fact that these are women of wealth who seem to spend on "fashion". To me, they are spending money on art. If I were Chanel and sat in my studio with a handful of fitters and seamstresses and spent over 400 hours on one gown, mostly a lot of handwork,  I think it is considered art - "high dressmaking", as what haute couture means. We can talk about "juicy couture" or "couture" collections later. I have postings already on this and don't want to keep repeating myself... but hey.. you just can't compare a Cartier diamond necklace to a diamond pendant from Zales. Yes, I like using these comparisons. 

The Client, Haute Couture: Ann Getty, Paris

The Client, Haute Couture: Jaqueline De Ribe, Paris

The Client, Haute Couture: Marie-Chantal of Greece, Paris

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