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Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Princess of Monaco

Wouldn't you think that all princesses would have their wedding dress designed by a couturier? Not Grace Kelly. Costume Designer for MGM Helen Rose crafted her lace adorned dress. The dress still used 25 yards of silk taffeta, 98 yards of silk tulle, and 300 yards of Valenciennes lace. It's still decadent within its own right, but not Haute Couture. Helen Rose continued with her brand and made a consumer line called "Helen Rose Couture", but once again, as I've stated before, it depicts high end in America. It shouldn't be confused with Haute Couture.

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  1. Sounds gorgeous! so if it had so much handwork... isn't it considered a work of art... why is it not considered haute couture? i'm confused. :(