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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Wing Shya

As I was searching for inspiration, especially in the couture realm, I came across this Hong Kong based photographer who did many stills for Wong Kar Wai, a very well respected film maker. This picture is from a 2009 shoot with Flair Italy. The model's name is Egle Tvirbutaite and Vittoria Cerciello as the stylist. This was definitely a couture driven photo shoot, as you should definitely Google it when you get a chance. The photos are exquisite. The great lighting and styling allows you to see the details of the pieces.

And now because I want to complicate things, I have no idea where the costumes came from for his "personal" photoshoot below, but the images are so encapturing, that the costumes look like haute couture. I will never say that it is, but I will say that it looks like it. Model is Liu Wen. 

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