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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Balenciaga at Queen Sofia Spanish Institute

Balenciaga's skills were impeccable. Every piece was without a doubt made with extremely high standards. Although he resisted the guidelines and rules of the Chambre, I consider his pieces works of art, that it doesn't really matter if he weren't a member.

Three rooms were dedicated to this exhibit, which one of the rooms had a video of a 1950's fashion show. I saw one dress on an Asian model that stood out, and with modifications could turn into a sleek wedding gown. It was so elegant and beautiful.

They also had the coat in this photo by Irving Penn on display. When you look at it up close, you can see why people say his pieces defy gravity.

After the exhibit, my friend and I settled into a coffee shop. My friend is an entrepreneur / designer - Kali Simba. You can view her webite here. As we talked about the fashion business, I began thinking about jewelry pieces that I could make to go with pieces that I saw today, and with all the current Sp 2011 couture shows. Gaultier's stood out the most. I also thought the jewelry should mesh with the pieces I'm making for myself. I can't show you these designs just yet, but I will post them once ready. 

Rainy gross day turned out to be an inspiring, thought provoking day- who knew! 

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