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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Project => Theme Boards

"After the Storm" - This is the theme of this project.  Due to recent experiences that caused a major imbalance in my emotions,  I feel that dark cloud releasing and the rays peeking through. I know it's corny, but hey... makes a more interesting design process. Plus, I believe emotions play a great part in creating - I chose these morbid looking fabrics during a time of sadness. Now that feeling has passed, I'm able to balance it with lighter palettes.

In addition, my mood board is a mix of textures that came from photos of La Sagrada Familia, of which were taken during my brief trip to Barcelona. After reading all the Sp 2011 Couture shows, I found my favorites were Gaultier and Givenchy.

The boards are all done on the computer, so it looks restricted - it's better to cut and paste by hand - I would do this if I were making an entire collection.

So... there you go. My rough sketches will morph into more focused styling. Keep in mind I'm making one article of clothing so not all fabrics and colors will be used. It's more for me to choose from.

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