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Friday, February 11, 2011


Wedding gowns used to be such the high end purchase or it was the other way- David's Bridal, but now it's become popular with brands such as J Crew and now, Urban Outfitters, Inc. This photo is from Urban Outfitters, debuting their new line on February 14th.
I can't wait to see their site since I am curious about their demographic. Urban Outfitters is younger, but Anthropologie, owned by the same company, is older.   Pricepoint is around 1000-3000, which is still reasonably priced, especially compared to a high end brand. When I worked in various bridal houses, average price was $5000. Yep. I think Urban Outfitters Inc. is on track. Visit their online boutique 2/14~
p.s. yes, I know this isn't Haute Couture, but hey.. it's still damn cute

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